ArbiPegs: Open Beta!

4 min readJul 11, 2023

ArbiPegs: The first NFT marketplace that uses $ARB!

A dedicated NFT marketplace on the Arbitrum network, has entered its open beta phase, offering users an opportunity to list, sell, buy, and transfer their favorite NFT collections seamlessly with $ARB tokens!

With most features already operational, ArbiPegs provides Arbifans with a user-friendly platform to engage in NFT trading. Although minor bugs may be encountered during this phase, we are committed to enhancing the platform based on user feedback.

In the coming months, after feedback & many updates we will close the open beta and launch V1, introducing new functionalities and improvements based on user feedback.

Airdrop of $APEGS Tokens

By actively participating in the open beta, users can begin building their trading volume and increasing their chances of being included in the snapshot for the airdrop of $APEGS tokens.

While currently being in the open beta phase, we are offering users the opportunity to list, sell, buy, and transfer their favorite NFT collections. This phase allows users to familiarize themselves with the platform's features and engage in trading.

As our team progresses through its open beta phase and prepares for the launch of V1, we already offer our users an exciting sneak peek into the future, the $APEGS airdrop.

By actively participating in the open beta and upcoming V1, users have the chance to establish their presence, build their trading volume, and position themselves for eligibility in the snapshot that will determine the airdrop recipients once V2 is unveiled.

Whether buying or selling NFTs, every transaction contributes to a user’s eligibility for the token airdrop. While the specific date for the V2 launch is yet to be determined, ArbiPegs wants its users to understand the forthcoming opportunities.

Preparation for the First Arbitrum-Related Event

ArbiPegs is gearing up for its first major event related to Arbitrum. On the 19th of July (2023), in Paris, our team has the privilege of meeting collection owners, builders, and the Arbitrum team itself, Offchain Labs!

This event presents an exciting opportunity for us to showcase its platform and engage with the community. It marks a significant step in establishing ArbiPegs as a prominent player within the Arbitrum NFT ecosystem.

Upcoming Updates for Enhanced User Experience

Our team is committed to continuously improving its platform to provide users with the best possible experience. In the coming week, we will roll out updates focused on enhancing the user interface, optimizing trading speed, and introducing additional convenience features. These updates aim to make trading your favorite collections even more enjoyable and efficient for Arbifans & Arbinauts!

  • in V1, planned in the next few months, ArbiPegs will bring new functionalities and improvements based on user insights.
  • with V2, Arbipegs will not only come with lot of new features and enhancements, but will also introduce its own utility token, $APEGS.


During the open beta, users can list, sell, buy, and transfer their favorite NFT collections, contributing to the growth of the platform and gaining familiarity with its user-friendly features. This phase allows users to be part of the early development stages and shape the future of ArbiPegs through their feedback and trading activities.

To be eligible for the airdrop of $APEGS tokens, users are encouraged to actively trade on ArbiPegs, buying and selling NFTs on the platform. Every transaction contributes to a user’s eligibility for the airdrop once V2 is launched, creating opportunities for users to be rewarded for their engagement and participation.

In addition to the exciting developments within ArbiPegs, the team is gearing up for the first Arbitrum-related event scheduled for the 19th of July. This event is crucial in bringing awareness to the platform and fostering connections within the vibrant Arbitrum ecosystem.

It presents an excellent opportunity for ArbiPegs to showcase its features, meet collection owners, builders, and engage with users within the Arbitrum ecosystem/community.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates that will further enhance the user experience and make trading NFTs an even more seamless and enjoyable process for Arbifans by Arbifans on Arbitrum!

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The first NFT marketplace that uses $ARB tokens to sell and buy NFTs!